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Private Detectives & Detective Services in Romania

We welcome you on behalf of Eagle Security International Ltd (in short known as ESI) located in Romania. This is the great point to meet with World’s best Romanian private detectives and also to take the best advises of most experienced and highly trained private detectives who are readily available to help you with superlative investigation services on prominent personal issues which are commonly faced by the people working for various organizations Romania.

Inspired by various personal problems of people in Romania, we at ESI took up the challenging task of helping the larger societies in country by creating the best team of highly educated, well qualified and multi talented professional who have got the expertise and knowledge by working a lot in the security and intelligence departments of privately run or governmental security organizations. Undoubtedly, this is because of huge efforts put up by Dr. Dan Rusu, a great detective in Romania who is presently working as the CEO of the company and giving his best by ensuing that the company be the unmatched source of best detective services in the personal matters. His masterly works has been inspiriting and greatly applied in entire operations taken up by our private detective while completing various mysterious missions. He is nothing less than a great motivator or an innovator who had been doing his obligations by boosting the courage and confidence of our professional at all the times, whenever, they are on a mission.

It is the effect of his dominating skills and huge potential that the company is having many master for serving quality detective services who are having the dynamism and valor for taking various challenges and making every difficult task so simple and easy that the favorable results are not out of their reach. Such positivity is greatly utilized by our professionals in grabbing the attention of wide variety of people so only ESI has emerged as the prominent point for impressive private investigations in various part of Romania where people are surely helped with seamless private detective services on majority of personal issues.

Today, our detective services are incorporated with maximum number of investigative processes which can turn on a person to have wider choices in selecting the right kind of process for his/her requirements. On the other hand, we are extremely talented in handling soft and tender issues of very sensitive nature by taking extra caution and alert in dealing delicate issues with utmost care and compassion. We do understand the necessity for having such kind of personality, it is because we are having the duty towards larger societies where emotions and sentiments are have higher values which are always cared and protected by us.

Moreover, there is nothing to emphasize that in the investigative works today major priorities are given to monetary and time factor. It is because the life has gone very fast where people are having no time and money to waste for repetitions of the various things. We personally feel that our detective services must have all that which would protect your interest by saving your time and protecting your money. This thing is well understood by our private detectives so only we avoid let that situation to come our detective works where you suffer with these complexities.

You can be very sure of getting quality processes in terms of results, confidentiality, ethics and perfection which will never give you any chance of complain or failure. Consequently, we can say that choosing a detective service of ESI in Romania could be your wise and intelligent decision which would make you feel proud of your decision, not on our services. You are most welcome at ESI for finding a right service to resolve your personal problems. You can connect with us using